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What I liked about 5th grade history

Hello, in todays blog I will wright about what I liked in my 5th grade history class. Let’s get started! I really enjoyed learning about Steve Jobs, as an example, I did not know he was adopted. I only learned that in the history lesson about him. I also really like the teacher, he isContinue reading “What I liked about 5th grade history”

The steamboat, the power loom, the argand lamp, and Robert Fulton

Essay #32 History Of Inventions Hello, in today’s essay I will be writing about the steamboat, the power loom, the argand lamp, and Robert Fulton. Let’s get started. The steamboat John Fitch developed America’s first steamboat that worked; the steamboat increased travel speed, and could travel upstream. At first, they were made of wood andContinue reading “The steamboat, the power loom, the argand lamp, and Robert Fulton”

Shock trooper

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about a trooper from Star Wars, shock trooper. The shock troopers main focus is to protect coruscant kind of like police maybe, these troopers are also guards or bodyguards for politicians including supreme Chancellor Palpatine. I’ll talk about Palpatine later. Shock troopers have shock absorbing blast armor,Continue reading “Shock trooper”