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Spectacles, Mechanical Mlock, Papermill, and Robert Grosseteste.

Essay #15 History Of Inventions Spectacles Spectacles or eyeglasses, were used for many years, they are tools that help you see better when you get older. When you get older your eyesight, usually, starts to get worse, hopefully not. Eyeglasses consist of a frame and two pieces of glass, or I should say, magnifying glass,Continue reading “Spectacles, Mechanical Mlock, Papermill, and Robert Grosseteste.”

The four things I learned about this week in history

Essay #14 History Of Inventions Hello, in today’s essay I will be talking about the four things I learned about this week in history, let’s get started. Buttons Buttons are circular, tiny objects that are on our shirts, or at least some of our shirts. Buttons were invented in the 13th century A.D. (1200 A.D).Continue reading “The four things I learned about this week in history”