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3 simple machines that I use in my life

Essay #6 History of Inventions 4th Grade

Hello, today I will be talking about three simple machines I use in my life.

1. The Pencil Sharpener

The first one is a pencil sharpener. I know, you’re probably thinking, what, a pencil sharpener? Yes. I do press really hard down with the pencil on the paper, when I write and draw, so I have to take many trips to my pencil sharpener to sharpen my pencils. I personally use an electric pencil sharpener. A pencil sharpener is a machine that is used, well, for sharpening pencils. When you put your pencil inside one of the holes of the pencil sharpener, the motor turns on the blade, that cuts off the wood that is covering the graphite. Then it makes your pencil sharp.

2. The Bicycle

The next one is a bike. A bike is mechanical or electrical machine that allows you to go faster than walking but slower than driving, it’s kind of in the middle, you know what I mean? So, a bike has gears, paddles and chain that connects to the back wheel. When you put pressure on the pedals it makes the gears spin, which makes the chain turn the back wheel, and it puts the whole bike in motion. You do that over and over again and you get to your destination pretty fast.

3. The Scooter

The last and final one is the scooter. I ride on my two wheeler scooter for fun. I pretend I’m in a Formula One, driving in a racetrack. A scooter is generally a simple machine, it has two wheels, if you’re on a two wheeler, or if you are on a three wheeler three wheels, but anyway, it has wheels and axles. Unlike the bike, in which we use the paddles and the gears to propel forward, when we are on the scooter, we use the power of our right or left leg to push the scooter forward then we hop on it with both our legs and glide, and then we push again, and glide again. The brake system is quite simple, there is a curved metal object that when you press down with your heel or your entire foot, it lands on the rubber wheel and causes the scooter to slow down, and stop.

And there was one more thing I want to talk to you guys about, something I learned from nature and could be used to improve our life. Could it be that the “goo” from a slug is actually a sort of natural glue? Do you think that if scientists investigate this they could make a more effective glue?

Anyway that’s it for this article. Please, if you have any comments, write them down below. Bye! See you in the next one.

Oh, one more thing, what are 3 simple machines you use in your life?


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