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My favorite summer vacation

Essay #1 English 5th Grade

My favorite part of my summer vacation was going to the springs with my friends. We dived in the water and it felt like we were flying! The water was really cold but refreshing. Because we had snorkels on we were able to see everything in the water, like fish, seaweed, sand, and floating logs.

I also loved the trip to the farm we did, where is saw cows, chickens, chiclets, goats, horses, and pigs. It was such a fun experience to held the chiclets in my hand, they are soft and fluffy. I should also mention the ice cream my mom bought at the farm, it was the best ever.

It was amazing, we had the best time, I would repeat this entire trip again.

Thank you for reading this little fun article, I’ll see you next time.

What was your favorite summer vacation?


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