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Essay #2 English 5th Grade

Hello, in today’s blog I will be talking about my favorite thing to do, socceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!

Soccer is a sport that is very popular in Europe and a little bit popular in the USA.

I like Soccer because I believe, it’s a fun sport, that’s my opinion. I like playing soccer because I like running, shooting the ball to the goal, and I can do a lot of tricks, when I learn them, like the rainbow, L move, scissors, etc.

I am in the white competitive team in my hometown and it’s a lot of fun, but it does get really hot sometimes, and I get tired too. We train three times a week. Anyway, to move from the recreational team to the competitive , I had to go for the tryouts. That was scary, but “on the other side of fear, there’s growth,” that’s what my mom tells me all the time.

I also like soccer because it’s competitive, if you want it to be competitive. It’s fun because you get to talk to your friends, but you don’t wanna goof off too much, because then in the game you’re not going to remember what the coach said and you’ll probably do bad. Actually you don’t want to goof off at all, unless you won the game, then you can celebrate.

Thank you for reading the short little article about soccer a.k.a. my favorite thing to do. I will post the video down below with the L move and the scissors; the rainbow I don’t know yet, well at least I can barely do it.

Please let me know below what is your favorite thing to do?


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