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A Greek mith that I made myself

Personally I really enjoy making my own stories that are not happening in modern times but in a time where the main weapons were swords and knives. So when I saw that I could write my own “Greek myth”, I was very happy. The name of this myth is The Ancient Shadow Dragon.

A man named Galroth Shortsteel was a farmer who lived in the outskirts of Athens; and one day as he was working he saw a black blur in the sky. He wondered what it was but continued working, as the fields were not going to plow themselves.

One day as he was in the city he noticed that some people were talking about a dragon that has been terrorizing a little island out in the ocean. After hearing this, he went up to those people and asked, “What kind of dragon? Is it big? Or is it just a little small dragon?” The people looked at him and started to tease him. One man said, “No, the dragon is the size of an ant and it’s destroying the city.” And another said, “What are you going to do to stop it? Who even cares if it’s big! We shouldn’t be bothered what kind of dragon it is either!” The farmer simply walked away to his house after that, wondering who would stop the dragon.

That night, as he was sleeping, he had a dream that Zeus was telling him to stand up, go outside and yell, “Shazam!” He woke up from this dream instantly and thought to himself, “Was that just my imagination or was that really Zeus!?” He ran outside and yelled, “Shazam!”

And at that very moment he received armor that was so strong that not even the sharpest sword and the most powerful man could break, and a sword that was so sharp it could easily cut through brick! At this moment he was wondering to himself, “Why me? This is amazing! Zeus Almighty, thank you.” And then, a thought instantly came to his head, he was the one to kill the dragon.

The next morning he got in a little rowboat he owned and started paddling towards the island. A few long hours had passed and he finally made it to the island. He saw a small village that was on fire, the fire so hot it would melt the skin of anything, and anyone that came close to it. Luckily he wasn’t close to the fire, so he looked around to see if he could find the dragon, but there was nothing. So he continued to walk around the fire and over a small hill that was there, and he saw a gigantic ancient shadow dragon sleeping.

He approached it slowly and quietly, but then the dragon spoke, “I can smell you, I know the scent of a human who is approaching. I also know the taste of human. Good thing I didn’t have lunch today!”

The dragon stood up, he was mighty, he was strong, and he had no fear on his face. Before the dragon could do anything Galroth said with slight fear in his voice, “What is your name? And why have you come to torture these people?” The dragon quickly answered, “I am Shanzatar the mighty destroyer of realms, the Black Shadow in the sky, and most famous of all, the Shadows Death!” As he said that last word it seemed to echo around the air and last for minutes.

Galroth immediately knew who this dragon was, he was the dragon who had destroyed his old village, he was the dragon who had killed his family. He began to get angry and finally struck his sword into the neck of the dragon, the dragon yelled but then swiped him with his mighty claws and he flew 10 feet and landed on the ground with a very loud thump!

The armor seem to have protected him, it was very strong armor, but the the skin of the dragon seemed to be the same way. The dragon opened his mouth and Galroth saw the color red flowing through the dragons stomach and finally reached the neck and then! Fire came out of the dragons mouth, but this wasn’t any normal fire, this was a fire that had hints of red and black inside of it. Galroth lifted his shield and the fire bounced off of it, apparently his armor was also fire resistant, so he didn’t melt the second it touched him. The dragon now had its eyes fixed on Galroth, he was impressed with the armor, and he said, “Your armor proves very strong, but would it be strong enough to face this!?” The dragon lift it up from the ground with his mighty wings, the wind was so strong Galroth nearly fell, but he held his ground and the dragon flew up to the sky and started to dive down.

Galroth knew what the dragon was about to do, so he tried to leap to the side but it was too late, the dragon had caught him with its mighty claws, it felt like a horse had hit him straight in the chest and lifted him up into the sky. Then the dragon said with a powerful voice, “If anymore of you pesky humans dare to challenge me you will all die just like you will today!”

As the dragon was about to throw him down to the ground Galroth lifted his sword and struck the dragon three times in the heart. The dragon yelled and spit fire out of his mouth and started to come crashing down to the earth. If Galroth did not jump out of the dragon’s claws he would be killed. But then he realized he was above land, above the city he lived in. So he yelled down below for the people to grab all the cushions they possibly could and to be prepared for him to fall to the ground with the dragon.

At the last moment he leapt from the dragons hand, which was very difficult because the dragon’s claws were slowly moving in the air as the dragon fell, but nevertheless he did it and he landed in the cushions while the dragon landed with a giant crash and boom. With his last breath it spat fire into the sky and died.

Everybody cheered as Galroth stepped up and said, “The dragon is slain!”

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you enjoyed my story. What did you think of the dragon? Do you think it should have been more wise and more careful then it was? Well anyway, by and see you next time. 

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