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King David

Hello, I will be talking about king David of Israel. Let’s get straight to it.

David first showed his true power when he fought Goliath, and killed him with only 5 stones and a sling. He hit Goliath straight in the middle of his head. The current king (Saul) was quite impressed. This shows how courageous he is, this also shows how he trusted in God that everything will go all right when he did this.

Later David was called to be the king, musician and play songs to relax him. He was very good at that too, and now the king was jealous. The king even tried to attack David.

Later God called to David and said he will be future king, and the current king was not happy. So David had to run away to Egypt not to be killed by Saul, and returned later and got the throne.

When he was king he saw a lady bathing, and he loved her. It is rude to watch some one bathing in my opinion. So later he called her up to the castle and……. well…. I don’t want to say what he did. Turns out this woman was already married, and had a husband. So David sent her husband out to the first lines of the battle field,and when he went to war, and the woman’s husband was killed. By the way the woman’s name is Bathsheba, and her husband who died was called Uriah.

There was a consequence for killing Uriah though, when David and Bathsheba had a son, he died at childbirth. But later Solomon was born, later to be king Solomon.

Later, David wanted to build a temple for the ark of the covenant, but when he was transporting it to a different location he did not transport it correctly, and one of his men accidentally touched it and got electrocuted and died. The priests were supposed to carry it, but instead they put it on a cart and rolled it. After that they decided to transport it correctly though. There was also a consequence for this, David will not be the one to build the temple that he wanted to build for the ark. It would be his son, king Solomon.

We can see here than David was almost a servant of God, he removed idle worship and also, wanted to make a temple for the Ark of the covenant. Even though he wasn’t the one to build it in his lifetime, he had the right idea, at least I think so.

Both of these examples show how some times he committed some sins, but he did repent them. But like I said before, with some of them he had the right idea, but just didn’t quite listen to the instructions that God told him how to do it.

So this is king David’s life, you can see that he was almost the second hand of God, he removed idol worship, and he had the right idea to put the ark of the covenant inside a temple. But sometimes he committed sins, but thankfully he repented for them. He was also quite a brave man and trusted in God that everything will go all right, we can see this when he fought Goliath. Anyway, that’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next time.

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