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Sparta vs. Athens

Sparta and Athens may be in the same country, but they are quite different from each other. In this essay I will go over those differences.

As I said before, there are quite a few differences between Sparta and Athens, but one of the most significant ones is how Sparta was very militarily based. And on the other hand, Athens was more about studying and, more on the smartness side. To summarize, Sparta was very strict about the military, and Athens was more strict about studying and philosophy.

They did have two things in comma though, they agreed that people should marry. They both believe this so that their city will not run out of people, for reproduction I guess. But the one thing that was crazy was how if the father did not like the child he would throw the child off of a cliff! Yeah can you believe it?! Throwing a child off of a cliff! That’s so crazy, I can’t believe they actually did that!

Another crazy thing that that I really couldn’t comprehend in Sparta, was how newly married couples could not be seen together. I’m starting to doubt if really marrying somebody was actually nice in Sparta. Because if the new married couple can’t be seen together then, Why should they be seen together when they weren’t married.Some of these rules just don’t make any sense and are crazy. In Athens new married couples could be seen together, but I don’t believe they spent much time with each other. Because the woman were always working on the house and the men were usually working on something else.

Thank you for reading the essay. We can see some of the differences between Sparta and Athens, and there are quite a few. What do you think about their rules. Anyway, by and see you next time.


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